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New video uploaded.

Barbara May Maternity Hospital Introduction in Mille, Afar Region, Ethiopia (November 2011).

APDA's current projects

Drought crises Report

1. Report on operatives

2.Risk Assessment Data Woreda: Afdeera

3. Risk Assessment Data Woreda: Eli Daar

4. Observetions of visit to Eli Daar

5.  Risk Assessment Data Woreda: Kori

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New Drought crises reports are added

Counting the costs: replacing pastoralism with irrigated agriculture in the Awash Valley, north-eastern Ethiopia
Pastoralism is often viewed as a primitive, unproductive way of life - an economic dead end that poses no credible alternative to modern, technologically advanced and input-dependent forms of irrigated agriculture. The results presented in this paper call these presumptions into question.

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Roy Behnke, Carol Kerven

Policy brief "Capitalizing on pastoralism to feed people and achieve
livestock sector sustainability''
prepared by Ilse Köhler-Rollefson with inputs from Ced Hesse, Datta
Rangnekar, Kamal Kishore and CELEP

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